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Bishop's vote key to Healthcare fight

Thomasville - President Obama's health care reform bill is poised for final passage with Congressman Sanford Bishop announcing Friday that he will vote yes on the bill after much speculation that he was on the fence.

Protestors rallied in Thomasville today, saying Bishop isn't doing his job of listening to his constituents. They say the majority of his constituents do not want the bill passed.

But supporters say THEY are in the majority.

Nearly 250 people lined downtown Thomasville's streets Friday calling for a halt to the proposed health care bill.

"I grew up in the sixties and watched a lot of protestors and never envisioned myself being one. But I think sometimes you have to step up to the plate," said Dr. Dan Mitchell, Health Care bill protestor.

Protestors of the health care bill say their Congressman, Sanford Bishop, is ignoring the majority of his constituents.

"I see a lot of people, about 200 people a week, and I don't know of very many who support this legislation," said Mitchell.

But supporters of the bill say that's not true.

"I think that there are a lot of people who are for it but because they don't come out and they don't speak out and represent themselves, the people who are against it feel as though they are in the majority," said Health Care Bill Supporter Rodney Sewell.

We spoke to Congressman Bishop after he found out about the rally in Thomasville.

"What I have heard throughout the debate is that the people who have expressed the most opposition and have been expressing it based on fear, based on misinformation, some political motivation, and some partisanship," Bishop said. "I believe when the dust settles and people actually see and learn what is in this bill, and how it will improve their lives, I believe there will be universal support for it."

His opposition, Mike Keown, disagrees. "I think it would be good for my campaign for Bishop to go ahead and vote yes on this health bill. But honestly, I care more about my country than I do about this campaign and I hope he has enough sense to vote no."

Now that Bishop says he will vote yes, he'll have to wait until November to know if he made the right choice to get reelected.

Congressman Bishop says he cannot please the all of his constituents because polling in his district showed that people were evenly split and evenly passionate about their convictions.

Don Cole, Chairman of the 2nd Congressional District's Republican Party, sent a letter to Bishop concerning the vote. You can click HERE to read that letter.



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