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Albanian on the frontlines

^ Lt. Eric Hooper ^ Lt. Eric Hooper

April 4, 2003

Iraq- Albany native Lt. Eric Hooper is with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division on the frontlines near Baghdad. His parents have been strengthened by seeing his picture in national newspapers, and they're praying for his safe return home soon.

Bobby and Doreen Hooper say they are very proud of their 24 year old son. In the Middle East since November, the Hooper's had not heard from their son for weeks when the war began in Iraq.

The next day Eric's picture came in on an A.P. report from the front lines of the advancing American Army. A West Point graduate, Lt. Hooper is a mechanized infantry executive officer with the 3rd Infantry.

 The Hoopers keep up with the news. Bobby, a Captain with the Albany Police Force, says he watches a lot of television newscasts from Iraq.

Doreen admits she can't watch much. The Hoopers say they are getting a lot of support and prayers from friends and co-workers. They also talk with other families of soldier's in the Middle East, staying confident Eric will be home soon.

The Hoopers youngest son Elliott, a senior at Westover High School, has been accepted by West Point Academy and is considering attending college there.

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