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Founder of ASU leaves behind great legacy

April 4, 2003

Albany- Hundreds of ASU supporters celebrated 100th Founders day Friday and paid homage to the man who started it all, Dr. Joseph Winthrop Holley. His daughter, Josephine Holley Jefferson says, "He would be just simply overwhelmed with pride that his vision has taken root and grown."

In 1903, Dr. Holley created the Albany Bible and Manual Insitute, now known as Albany State University. Holley's daughter, Josephine, says her father's legacy still lives on now. She adds, "His vision was to educate young black men and women in Southwest Georgia, and watch them develop."

Dr. Portia Holmes-Shields delivered the centennial statement. She says Holley's dream was for ASU to become a dynamic institution, giving blacks a chance to gain a higher education.

Shields adds, "We look forward to one hundred more years gaining more and more strength becoming the institution that makes a difference in Southwest Georgia."

90 year old, Margaret Primo graduated from Albany State in 1952. She says because of Dr. Holley's perseverance, she was able to succeed and teach for more than forty years.

Primo says, "He meant so much to this community if it hadn't been for Dr. Holley, it would not have been an Albany State. He helped many, many people."

Diligent and dedicated are two words many people to describe Dr. Joseph Winthrop Holley. He created an institution of higher learning that is still standing 100 years later.

Dr. Charles L. Hayes and Dr. Billy C. Black, both past presidents of Albany State University, spoke at the Founder's Day Convocation.

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