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Tea Party thrown in Albany

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – It's happening across America and Thursday night, it was Albany's turn. Unhappy taxpayers gathered as part of the growing Tea Party movement.

Dozens of them got together to talk about how they can change the direction government is headed.

They weren't throwing tea bags in the Flint, the water here is already murky enough, but this group of taxpayers held their own tea party of sorts. Jon Martin said, "I'm here because I'm worried about my future and everybody else's."

Just as the Flint is muddy, they say, so too, is the way government is operating.  Joe Edwards said, "They were fighting for what they wanted, what they thought was right." And that's what this group is gathered to do.

Vivian Stern said, "I'm a fiscal conservative and I'm very concerned about how the country has taken a nose dive fiscally. If I have to be on a budget, they, being Congress, and the government at large, need to be on a budget also."

Watching over the money that folks like Vivian Stern gives them when she pays taxes.  She said, "Less government, less taxes and putting the power back to the people. Seriously, not just a sound bite. Seriously giving you power instead of letting the government take it away from you."

Putting the power back in the hands of the people, and letting the government work for them.

A regional tea party will be held by South Georgia patriots on April 17th at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds in Albany. That meeting begins at 11 AM.

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