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Students and teachers hit the court with streetballers

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Valdosta Students and teachers took to the courts Thursday.

But they didn't just play basketball, they learned about gang violence, staying off drugs and staying in school from famous streetball players.

Court Kingz has been talking to schools like J.L. Newbern all week and Friday night they'll play against the Title Town team that includes some of the best players from the Valdosta area.

The Court Kingz visited Valdosta City schools this week to talk about violence and boost morale in schools. The team uses basketball as a tool to motivate students in a positive way.

"They see somebody they can relate to in their own environment," said Victor Martinez, Founder and President of Court Vision Sports. "Some of the guys came in in their sunglasses some of the guys had their hip hop gear."

After talk about CRCTs, staying off drugs and alcohol, violence, and God's vision, they played a friendly game of 3 on 3 with students, then teachers.

"If we would have came in here in the shirts and ties, I don't think we would've reached them," said Martinez.

Court Kingz says basketball is a bridge to reach kids. They say in the game of life it's his court, his vision.

"There's a lot of people around where I stay that sell drugs and use drugs and them saying that they where they came from is the same place where I came from then I'm sure I can make it out," said Avery Corbett, 8th grade student.

The Court Kingz will end the week of school visits with a basketball game tomorrow night at Valdosta High School. You'll see famous streetballers llike "the Professor" and "the Bone Collector."

"You see us play ball but we have an education as well which might be overlooked," said Grayson Boucher, "the Professor." "We try to stress that when we go to schools."

"These kids are influenced by a lot," said Larry Williams, "the Bone Collector." "I think we influence them more if we give them the positive information instead of the negative."

The Court Kingz is part of the non-profit Court Vision Sports which reaches out to millions of kids each year.

The Court Kingz will take on the Title Town team Friday night at Valdosta High School at 7p.m. Admission for students is $7 and $10 dollars for adults. Read more about the Court Kingz by clicking here.

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