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Expectant mother wants war to end

April 3, 2003

Albany- Just as Shequeta Jones told her husband, Specialist Gerrick Jones, she was pregnant, he had news for her. Shequeta says, "At first I was happy. Then, when he told me he was leaving, I was sad."

Gerrick and Shequeta have only been married for three months and this new arrival was what Gerrick was waiting for. She adds, "He was happier than I was, then he said 'I'm leaving and I'm not going to be here.'"

Shequeta says she and Gerrick's daughter, Takeria, have been writing letters, everyday, for the last two weeks. "It is very stressful, and it just makes me mad at the military sometimes because he can't be with me," she adds.

Watching constant TV coverage adds more stress to her life. Shequeta says, "If you watch the news everyday and all day, you will be overwhelmed."

With a baby on the way, Shequeta doesn't want to be overwhelmed, so she prays, exercises and writes to Gerrick, hoping he will be home when the baby comes.

Gerrick has two brothers in the Army, but they have not been deployed to Iraq. Shequeta says if the baby is a boy, his name will be Gerrick Jones, Jr.

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