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People in Thomasville stay friendly during health care rally

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –Many people have strong opinions on the health care reform.

Sometimes those differing ideas on what's right and what's wrong can lead to heated arguments.

But people on both sides of the health care debate in Thomasville showed today that doesn't have to happen.

Respect. That's what this group of protesters and supporters of President Obama's health care reform say they have in common.

"There are one of two ladies here that are in support of this healthcare and that's fine, you know, everybody has a voice," says protester Sharon Fykes.

The people rallying in downtown Thomasville Friday afternoon say the most important thing for everyone to remember is the right to an opinion.

"I came out today because we all have the right to say what we're in support of," explains supporter Vonetta Sewell.

And although rallies like this can sometimes get out of hand, the two groups actually got along well.

"We've gotten a lot of honks in support and so have the other ladies here."

They say it's inevitable for an argument to break out among people passing by, but they just remember to be respectful to opposing opinions.

"When it started getting heated with one guy, I just put my sign up like that," Sewell showed us. "You know, there's no arguing about it. He can't change my mind on what I believe."

"And we've had a few fingers but you just have to laugh it off," jokes Fykes.

The groups chose to focus on the task at hand, getting their voices heard...

"Many of us have called, faxed, emailed, and all kinds of things but we just don't ever seem to be heard." matter how big or small their entourage may be.

"The word says one can chase 1,000 and two can put 10,000 to flight. So we put 10,000 to flight today."

Taking their opinions to the street, but remaining respectful of everyone's rights while doing it.

The groups plan to continue rallying outside the Thomasville Municipal building every Friday at lunch until they see the results they support.


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