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U.S. Postal Service could stop Saturday deliveries

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –You could soon stop getting mail on Saturdays.

The Postal Service is dealing with a big budget deficit. One way to deal with it could be stopping Saturday deliveries.

Some customers worry about the consequences, other's say it's no big deal.

The U.S. Postal Service says mail volume is falling by the billions. One of the ways they're proposing to address the volume and revenue decline is to stop Saturday delivery.

"Tt's going to mess up the whole system," said Justin Howington.

The Lakeland man is worried mail would get backed up. He thinks he wouldn't get his unemployment check in time to pay bills.

"If they stop delivering I might have to put my bills on hold if things get behind," said Howington.

He says it could also mean trouble for the holidays."With packages and Christmas cards and things like that coming through, it'll definitely get backed up around the holidays."

Southern OB-GYN's CEO Randy Johnson doesn't think it wouldn't affect his business.

"Alot of the business in Valdosta are Monday through Friday business," said Johnson.

From a personal standpoint, he doesn't see a problem with it either.

"Home deliveries and some of the cost in that regard,I think it would probably not be a move that would disrupt a lot of services," said Johnson.

Congressman Jack Kingston says cutting Saturday delivery would save $84 million a year.

"So many consumers now have switched to text messaging and email that in 2006 the postal service handled 213 billion pieces of mail and by 2009 that had dropped to 117 billion," said Kingston. "It almost fail in half over a three year period"

He says it's just one of the realities changing world.

Postal Service leaders say if they don't take action soon, they'll face a $238-billion shortfall in less than ten years.

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