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Dougherty schools clean on furlough day

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Dougherty County Schools took steps Friday to eliminate a highly contagious virus from its buildings.

After seeing widespread clusters of the Norovirus throughout southwest Georgia, health officials recommended schools do a through cleaning.

Dougherty County Schools clean their buildings nightly, but sent a message to head custodians to pay special attention to common areas.

Dougherty County Schools have 180 custodians to maintain their 31 building sites. That means each custodian is responsible for 19,000 square feet, and they take their jobs seriously.

Custodial teams are going through the school buildings, cleaning the floors, cleaning the rooms, cleaning the bathrooms.

 "We're paying attention or a little extra attention to the restroom facilities and the water fountains and to the common touch areas, door knobs, door handles," said Alan Skinner, Asst. Director of Facilities and Capital Projects.

That means everything from the walls, to the desks, to water fountains are wiped down.

"The School systems has a reactionary team for large scale cleaning," said Skinner.

Crews are using a variety of cleaning chemicals.

"We have a variety of disinfectants, viricidals, fungusidials, milistats, just good wholesome cleaning chemicals," said Skinner. "We're using what we would normally, on normal flu viruses MRSA, which is a Georgia Correctional Institute product. It's a citrus or pine scented disinfectant it's virusicidal its fungicidal it's just a host of bacteria cleaning power."

"We've got the mirror, sinks, the blow dryer and the side toilet and the regular toilet," said custodian Bobby Thornton.

When students are in the buildings, teachers are also vigilant about hygiene practices.

"I've probably had a few to go home, but its not enough to get our attention," said Principal Gloria Baker. "Each time they go to the bathroom, the teachers are squirting, or the students are squirting hand sanitizer."

"I need the attendance in class so we can get our academics where they need to be," said Baker.

The cafeteria also has two hand sanitizers, because administrators say they don't need students out sick, they want them in class so academics can be where they need to be.

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