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Acne treated by light

April 2, 2003

TIFTON - A patient enjoys a 15 minute snooze at South Georgia Dermatology. It looks like she's getting a tan, but she's actually getting rid of her pimples.

"People want to treat their acne but they are looking for alternative that's safe and effective, as far as we know this treatment has no side effects" Doctor Frank Pinto said.

That's in contrast to antibiotics such as Acutane, which have been linked to depression and birth defects. Doctor Pinto says he also prescribes contraceptives, but there's one obvious drawback there. Ointments can be messy, so the clear light machine approved by the FDA last summer is looking like the blue wave of the future.

There's a camera that takes a picture everytime you come in for treatment, so you can see the number of lesions and how well you're improving.

"Wherever we move the stylus it puts a little circle wherever she has a lesion," Dr. Pinto explains. 

And in most cases four weeks of light treatment will poison the bacteria in hair folicles that cause zits. That means a big drop in the number of pimples on a patient's face.

Though Clear Light has no side effects there are a couple of drawbacks. Unlike medication, treatment can only be done in a doctor's office. And since it's new, it is not covered by most insurance policies.

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