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Mathis pays bulk of city debt

 April 2, 2003

ALBANY - Albany City Commissioner Henry Mathis paid off the bulk of a loan he owed the city to avoid a conflict of interest. Mathis announced today he paid $2,700 in Community Development Block Grant loans from two failed businesses.

Mathis was recently appointed chairman of the city's Department of Community and Economic Development Committee, which oversees community development money. Commissioner David Williams complained that was a conflict. Mathis said he had no legal obligation to pay the debt but morally, he did.

"As a result of the actions of Commissioner David Williams, which he sought to try and embarass the Mayor, his ability to appoint and also myself, we felt it necessary that we try to bring this issue to a close," Mathis said in a press conference today.

Mathis had agreed to pay the city $2,882.50. He says he paid $100 in February, so after today's payment, he has now paid $2,800.

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