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Soldier Moms keep spirits up back home

April 2, 2003|

Cairo - South Georgia military Moms thank troops overseas. Betty Baxter, says, "I'm proud of him and I pray to GOD he comes back." The women started a support group after their son's were sent to Iraq to fight.

A row of yellow ribbons outline some Cairo homes. Even the neighborhood dogs are sporting red white and blue bows. Baxter says, "We've got three right here on one block." Baxter is not counting ribbons or bows, she's counting soldiers. She says, "My son, my neighbor's son and another neighbor's grandson, three off one block."

Baxter thinks about her son every waking moment. He's been away from home since November. She sighs, "It's been three weeks since I've heard from him." Twenty-two-year-old Robert Baxter is in the 3rd Infantry, 4th Brigade, which is closing in on Baghdad. His mom says, "Just waiting, holding hands and praying, waiting."

Baxter's neighbor, Lauralu Porter, wears a picture of her stepson 22-year-old Travis Lee Porter on her dress. It's to remind others of those who are fighting for America. She explains, "Because there's nobody over there that didn't chose that career. We need to support them just like you support a dentist or doctor or anybody else."

Her soldier is in the National Guard traveling with the 1st Marines in Iraq. The mothers have a unique bond. Baxter says, "Oh yes, every parent everybody sitting around the TV trying to see their child on TV, praying to get a glimpse."

Both soldier's turned 22 in Iraq. They don't even know each other that well, but back at home their mothers are tying a patriotic ribbon around their friendship, hoping for their special soldiers to come home safe.

Mrs. Baxter and Mrs. Porter helped start the "Soldiers Moms Support Group" in Grady County. Both women say their son's have become more mature and respectful since they joined the military.

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