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Berrien authorities arrest three in meth busts

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BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) –Two early morning meth raids led to the arrests of three people in Berrien County.

Investigators seized ingredients to make meth, the drug itself, computer equipment, marijuana, and money.They also say children were living in both homes that were raided.

This is video of 36-year-old Robert Rilling and 39-year old Angela Blanton in cuffs walking out of their Carolyn Drive home in Ray City. They're charged with possession of meth, manufacturing the drug, two counts of child cruelty, and multiple charges of possession of an item with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

"We were successful in finding the products which is as you can see the liquid fire," said Berrien County Sheriff Anthony Heath.

Several ingredients including Coleman fuel and containers to hold the meth were found in the shed next to their home. The Sheriff says this deteriorated bottle was a result of a "bad cook." Marijuana and cash were also found.

"The meth cooks, they're clannish," said Sheriff Heath. "They stick together and they're low key."

 One neighbor is shocked.

"She worked very hard at a store," said Winston Vazquez. "He was a very good mechanic. He worked on my car. It caught me by surprise."

 Also busted was a home on Davis Street in Nashville.  47-year old Jerry McClention is charged with criminal intent to traffic meth, possession, drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, cruelty to children, and multiple charges of possession of an item with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

"We do the searches simultaneously to make sure that one didn't call the other one and let them know that we were coming," said Sheriff Heath.

Berrien investigators and the South Georgia Drug Task Force were on the scene of Davis Street home. They found meth on McClention.

"It was down inside this tube in his pants pocket along with a straw which is used to smoke meth," said Investigator Mike Bass. "Tin foil was found along with four lighters."

In the shop McClention built next to the home, they also found meth-making ingredients.

Two young children lived in the home on Carolyn Drive. When their grandmother found out about the bust she came and picked them up. A 3-5 month baby was removed by DFCS from the Davis Street home.

The sheriff says that makes these busts even more serious because being around meth puts children in extreme danger.

A camera system was found in the shed next to the Davis Street home, an indication the suspects were watching the area closely and trying to keep the operation secret.

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