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ABAC will have Alumni tag

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TIFTON, GA (WALB) – Colleges and universities all over the nation showcase their school spirit with commemorative license plates.

Soon Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College will be added to that list.

Whether it's a T-shirt, a hat, a sticker or even a mug students at ABAC showcase their school spirit.

"You put those stickers on your truck and you think this is my school and I'm very proud of where I go," said ABAC student John Grist.

And soon a special ABAC License plate will be added to the list.

"It's one of those things you are very proud of you work hard for your education," said Grist.

ABAC Junior John Grist says he can't wait to get his hands on one of the new tags.

"My dad has all the Georgia stuff on his car and my mom she has all the ABAC stuff so I think it would be a great idea to get the tag for her. I would get one for my truck too," said Grist.

School officials say the tag will help them recruit students to the area

"It's a minimal price for them but a nominal price for us to have ABACS name around," said Keith Barber, VP of External Affairs and Advancement.

"I live five hours from here so driving up I-75 would be the perfect opportunity for people to see that and say oh there is ABAC," said Grist.

School officials say it all it costs is an additional $25.00 to get the tag, but in order for the tag to be manufactured, 500 paid applications must be received before July 31st.

"If we have 500 pre paid tag holders prior to July 31st they will actually manufacture the tag which has been designed here on campus by one of my colleagues," said Barber.

But with more than 3,500 current students and more than 40,000 alumni they are confident they will meet the minimum requirements, and soon ABAC's name will be on vehicles all over the country.

In order to request an ABAC Tag complete this form

Print it out and submit the form to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

Attn: Special Tags

P.O. Box 740384

Atlanta Georgia


With a 25 dollar manufacturing fee for each license plate requested

You can also go to your local county tag office with the form and the 25 dollar fee.

For more information contact ABAC office of College Advancement at 229-391-4900

or email kbarber@abac.edu

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