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Want a smoke? Better have your ID handy

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Underage smokers have a tougher time buying cigarettes in Georgia than in other states.

More than 90% of Georgia retailers refused to sell tobacco to minors in undercover inspections. That makes Georgia one of the best states for compliance.

Nationally, about 20% of retailers sell to underage customers. That trend doesn't happen at Woodall's in Albany.

While many people try to buy, they don't get past the clerks, though they sometimes get upset when they are asked for ID.  Clerk Melissa Williams says she tells them, "I just need to see your ID, I'm just doing my job. I just need to see your ID. Those are the ones that's not of age."

Wright Woodall said, "They're always trying, they've got fake ID's and they come in to see if you'll check them and we do, we check them."

Penalties for selling tobacco products to minors begin at $300 and go up depending on the number of times an outlet is caught selling to underage customers.

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