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Patriotic Body Art

April 1, 2003

Albany - American's are showing their patriotism by flying flags and display yellow ribbons. But, many of flocking to tattoo parlors for a more permanent proof of their patriotism.

"It feels like someone's scratching me really hard," said Joey David as he sat in the tattoo chair. This isn't the 19 year-old's first tattoo, but it is the first patriotic one. He's decided to have a unique red, white and blue heart tattooed on the back of his leg.

"The America flag is still the best selling tattoo in the country," said Asylum Professional Body Art Co-owner Gil David. Tattoo parlors across the country have seen a surge in clients wanting to show their support for America. And, Gil David is happy to help you paint your patriotism. "Patriotism is 365 days a year, not just during war time or during a time of national crisis."

"People are really starting to show their patriotism in different ways," said Gil. And this way is painful - take it from Joey. "It hurts, but it's an adrenaline rush."

Americans flags and eagles have always been popular with the military, but now unlikely people are getting pricked for patriotism. "It only takes about an hour and a half, if you don't cry," said Tattoo Artist Ashley Casey.

When Casey is finished with his latest masterpiece, Joey will have his support for America displayed on his body forever.

Asylum Professional Body Art on North Slappey has more than 1,000 patriotic tattoo designs to choose from.

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