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More Georgia troops head to war

^Staff Sgt. Henry Edmondson ^Staff Sgt. Henry Edmondson
^Lt. Steven Adams ^Lt. Steven Adams

April 1, 2003

Warner Robins-- Soldiers and airmen from Ft. Benning and Robins Air Force Base deploy to the Middle East. Thirteen members of the Fifth Combat Communications Groups flew out of Robins Air Force Base Tuesday morning. They will set up communications for air traffic control and weather systems.

There were lots of tears as the airmen and women said goodbye. Packing their final gear, and checking out their weapons, seven men and four women in the Air Force's Fifth Combat Communications Group were ready to leave for the Middle East.

For Staff Sgt. Henry Edmondson, it means leaving his wife Kim and four children. "I'm kind of anxious, but of course it's sad because I have to leave my family behind. But they are going to be well taken care of. It's tough to leave them, but we've got a job to do.”

His wife said "It's only once he's been away from the family for about one year. Then it was only two children. Now it's four, and a job. It's pretty tough."

The Fifth provides communications, air traffic control, and weather systems. Lt. Steven Adams said goodbye to his wife Kim and three-year-old son Brandon. "We're all well trained and we depend on each other. I know I'll be safe with them, and they'll be safe with me."

His wife said "It's hard. I'm gonna take each day as it comes. And pray God is with him and all the people over there, and that's the best thing we can do."

Company Commander Colonel David Cotton gave them final instructions, then it was time to get on the bus, and final hugs.

These 13 members of the 5th Combat Communications Group flew out on a C-17 headed for an undisclosed location in the Middle East.

125 members of the 5th Group have deployed from Robins over the last three days.

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