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Being Mister Mom

^Ryan and Kristen ^Ryan and Kristen
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April 1, 2003

Valdosta-- Military households make big adjustments because of the war, and T his father is keeping things together while Mom's away. With thousands of troops overseas, life is a lot different for military families.

In many cases, wives are left to take care of the family. But one Valdosta man is learning how to be "Mr. Mom" while his wife's away. "I'm learning a little more about cooking and actually, I'm enjoying it," said Military Spouse Jordan Haines.

Life just isn't the same in the Haines home since wife and mother Donna deployed overseas nearly five months ago. "It's been challenging, but we're making it okay," said Jordan Haines, Father.

But Jordan is doing a pretty good job of playing "Mr. Mom" while she's away. "I've learned what my wife goes through every day, and learned a lot more about my kids," said Haines.

Haines has made some major changes over the past few months. Learning to cook has been one of the biggest challenges. "My wife starts most things from scratch, but I've found this is a lot easier. You get in pre-made in this bag, and all you have to do to make pancakes is pour it in the skillet!"

He also cleans, supervises dates, and makes sure everyone's done his homework. His children, 15-year-old Kristin and 12-year-old Ryan, are making his double duty a lot easier. "I have a lot more cleaning, and less free time because he stays on me about my homework," said Ryan.

But even though Dad's doing a great job, their Mom's absence is still hard. "She missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, everything," said Kristin.

Support from friends, family, and Moody's family unit makes the time apart a little easier, but this family won't be complete until Mom returns.

Donna Haines is part of the 347th Military Personnel Group at Moody Air Force Base.

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