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Ben Hill County gets tool to find "thugs"

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) –The Ben Hill County Sheriff's office is one of the first agencies in the country to get a new tool to help catch criminals.

It's called The "Thug FindIR" and it should keep officers safer and help them work more efficiently.

It may have a funny name, but officers in Ben Hill County say this device is no joke

"We can actually spot people in total darkness with this camera," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

Today Sheriff Bobby McLemore learned about the new equipment his office received as part of a grant.

"The most important thing we will use this camera for is documentation of evidence and also filming raids," said the Sheriff.

But the Thug findIR isn't only good for seeing in total darkness

" It makes us invisible to the offender but makes them visible to us," said the Sheriff.

But it can also be turned upside down and used to scan attics where a suspect may be hiding,

"If they got a gun they can blow your head off before you get your head back down, this way they may destroy a four thousand dollar camera but you hadn't lost your life," said the Sheriff.

It can also be used to record raids, and even disorient suspects with a blinding strobe light.

"We can video around corners with it without exposing the officer to harm," said the Sheriff.

Since it detects body heat, it will help officers determine if a suspect has been drinking underage at a party or if a drug has been tossed on the ground.

But most importantly, it will keep officers safe.

"We have had several officers injured on raids where we was attacked by the suspect some of these could have been saved had we had a camera where we could see them but they couldn't see us," said the Sheriff.

Finally, thugs in Ben hill County will meet their match.

Ben hill County will get two "Thug findIRs".

They cost about four thousand dollars each.

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