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Albany says goodbye to dilapidated buildings

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By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Law enforcers and code enforcers walked the streets in an east Albany neighborhood this afternoon. They're working together to clean up the area.

A map of the target areas officers want to hit in between Moultrie road, Mobile avenue, Wingate avenue, and Kirkland street. Albany Code Enforcement officials walk by a lot of debris and junk.

It's Code Enforcement Director Mike Tilson's goal to secure buildings like Mannies Plaza, on the Corner of Moultrie road and Van Demon road, which has been closed for a long time.

"We have dilapidated buildings, they're not secure and they need to be repaired or demolished," Tilson said.

Sheriff's deputies, police officers, and Benita Childs with the Gang Task Force Unit pitch in.

"This is a hot spot for crime and  it's abandoned," Childs said. "It's a place where illegal activities can occur. There are gangs are all over the city so we need to keep this secure."

Enforcement officials survey the building, record and file data.

Property owners who refuse to bring their buildings up to code could be charged higher property tax or could have to pay to demolish the structures.

Mary Mack has rented for 12 years. Her roof is collapsing, her power sockets caught fire and paint is chipping everywhere. She has heard no word from her landlord.

"They can get their rent money but when things need to repaired they take their time," Mack said.

She's taken the issue to city code enforcers. They hope junk they come across now will lead to a cleaner, more safe neighborhood down the road.

I called Mack's landlord tonight to ask about problems at her home, but I received no response. City code officials will continue to patrol the roads to look for junk in yards, unsafe structures, and overgrown lots.

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