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Water wars could soon be over

March 31, 2003

Bainbridge- On the banks of the Flint River Governors Jeb Bush, Sonny Perdue, and Bob Riley came together to discuss details surrounding a decade old water war between Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

"I'm probably more optimistic now about a settlement over this water compact than I've been over the last six years that I've served in Congress," admits Riley.

While all three laughed about whether the fact that they are all Republicans had anything to do with their optimistic outlook for a compact each state agreed on, they point to other similarities that made the meeting successful.

"When you're in this part of the world water and citizens don't know a lot of geographic boundaries or state boundaries. This issues are much the same," points out Perdue.

The governors said the meeting was basically held to set the parameters of each states needs before they sit down at the bargaining table. Perdue says water for farmers and the growing metro Atlanta area top his list.

"We have to balance those along with Alabama and Florida's needs, so I think again we are blessed in this part of the world with having adequate rainfall. I think we've managed the downflow well," Perdue adds.

Just as we've seen a relief from the drought the heads of the tri-states are hoping to see an end to a decade old water war.

The Governors plan to meet again in Dothan on April 21st to finish negotiations and reach a fair solution.

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