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Dougherty County Schools still await CRCT information

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The investigation into suspicious answer changes on standardized tests in Dougherty County schools has been slowed by the state's failure to provide the school system with what they need.

Thursday, School Administrators said they've been writing and calling state offices over the past month and they still don't have a guarantee they'll get test documents. The state has agreed to provide them with more information by the end of next week.

While students are preparing for this year's CRCT's in the classroom, administrators are still pouring over last year's results to find out why this system had enough erasures to land eight schools in the severe category.

"We'd like to have the answer documents I think that's important so that independent investigators if you will can look at those documents to look for patterns," said Dr. Sally Whatley, Dougherty County School System Superintendent.

The professional standards commission has made recommendations on investigators, but those investigators will need more to go on.

"We also need to know in those flagged classrooms the number of students the names of those students and the corresponding numbers of wrong to right answers," said Whatley.

Information the state will provide next week. While they wait, testing coordinator Renee Bridges has been going through what classroom information they do have.

"I'm trying to look at within a class what students actually tested with that particular teacher, what students were pulled out for small group administrations," said Renee Bridges, Dougherty County School System Testing Coordinator.

They're also looking at what students took make up tests, but say to fault the system on the erasure test alone isn't fair.

"If you're going to put out something odd has occurred, that we have a high number of erasures, show us exactly where those oddities are, what do they look like, what is the pattern that you're seeing with those documents," said Bridges.

School administrators stress it's important to get to the truth and find out what happened.

 Thursday school administrators also raised questions about how the state reported their results. They say the state reported results in sections, counting some classes as many as three times, which would raise a schools percentage, making the results look worse than they are, although they admit the results were bad.

Dr. Sally Whatley said when CRCT's are administered this spring they will allow some community members in to observe the process in an effort to be transparent. Those groups are expected to be from the chamber of commerce and the partners in excellence. Testing will start in April.

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