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Police fire at armed robber

March 31, 2003

Albany-- The man robbed a convenience store, pointed a gun at police and then car jacked a woman getting into her car.

Just after eight Sunday night, a masked man with a sawed off shotgun robbed the Jack Rabbit food store at Dawson Road and Westgate Drive. He made the clerk put money into a bag, and then lie on the floor.

The armed robber ran across Dawson Road toward the Village Green Shopping Center. At the corner of the shopping center, he was cut off by an APD officer.

"The Officer saw him at this area, where we are standing at," said Lt. James Williams. "The subject turned on the officer. The officer discharged his weapon, defending himself. The suspect dropped the money, and proceeded to run on into the apartment complex."

"He went around the fence there, that's where the officer lost sight of him. He proceeded on to the other side of the complex over there."

Witnesses say the officer fired five times, but did not hit him. The armed robber then cut through the apartments until he reached the parking lot on Whitehall Court, where he confronted a woman who lives there, Janice Miller.

Lt. Williams said "The suspect came around the corner. As Ms. Miller was pulling into the parking space over here, he approached her and demanded her car. She got out and asked if she could get her child out. He allowed her to get the child out, and proceeded out this driveway and went on an unknown direction from that point."

Janice Miller was not injured, but the robber got away from the pursuing officer who was on foot. Her car, a late model Buick Park Avenue, was recovered in the 2600 block of Rosebrier Avenue.

The robber's gun, mask, and bag that held the money has been sent to the State Crime Lab. "We're soliciting help. We're quite sure someone knows, he will tell someone. We hope they will give us a call," said Williams.

Chief Bobby Johnson declined to give the name of the Albany Police Officer who fired the shots, pending an investigation of the shooting by the Department's Internal Affairs Division.

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