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Sweet treats support war effort

March 31, 2003

Adel-- South Georgia students are using a sweet snack to raise money for U.S. troops and their families.

Students at Cook County Elementary kicked off the first day of their patriotic popsicle sales.

Lunchtime at Cook County Elementary has ice cream sellers hard at work. - "That will be 50 cents. Thank you."

But this weeks sales are a little different than usual. All the popsicles are red white and blue, and all the money will go to an extra special cause. "We're doing this to help the families from Moody who have lost a loved one," said Jobeth Roberts, Paraprofessional.

Inside the cooler is nearly 1,500 red white and blue popsicles, but students here say they won't have a problem putting them all away by the end of the week.

"Everyone here loves popsicles," said Rodney Gilmore, Jr., Fourth Grader.

Along with enjoying a delicious dessert, the students are also learning some valuable lessons. "Many of them didn't even know that there were a lot of women serving until they heard about the lady killed in the helicopter crash last week," said Roberts. "We're hoping that through this, they'll learn more about the military and how brave these men and women are."

"They might need the money to pay for a funeral if their family member was killed," said T. J. Hemphill, Fourth Grader.

So far, sales are almost double the usual and it already looks like more popsicles will have to be ordered by mid-week. The patriotic popsicle sales will continue through Friday.

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