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Mom wishes dad could see new baby

^Kelly and two week old Emma ^Kelly and two week old Emma
^Lance and cousin Amanda read dad's e-mail ^Lance and cousin Amanda read dad's e-mail

March 31, 2003

Albany-- In February, we brought you the story of an Albany woman who induce labor so her Navy husband could see his baby daughter before he shipped out.


Now, Kelly Blankenship is raising a new born and a 4-year-old without her husband, but she says he's always with her.


A phone call Kelly Blankenship didn't want to miss. Her husband Richard from the U.S.S. Nashville. "I wanted to drop the phone and cry. It was great to hear his voice," Kelly said. "Then he called right back to hear my voice again."


Richard shipped out on the March 6th. "All he can say is that he is somewhere in the Mediterranean near Turkey." Richard left behind Kelly, 6-year-old Lance, and two week old Emma.


Phone calls are rare, but luckily today he called back. "You don't want to talk about day to day life. All we say is I love you over and over."


Nearly two weeks before Emma's date, Kelly decided to induce labor so Richard could see his baby before he left for war. "I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't regret it at all."


Kelly says the hardest part about raising two children alone is a major lack of sleep.


And, explaining were Daddy is. "I know he's fighting bad guys. He's the boss and he's alive," said Navy son Lance Blankenship.


Richard is thousands of miles away, but still close to family thanks to voice mail, and enduring love. Kelly receives regular e-mails from her husband Richard, but says she can't send him pictures of the children because email attachments aren't allow for security reasons.

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