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Georgia soldier rescues woman in battle

March 31, 2003

(Hindiyah, Iraq-AP) -- Georgia Army Captain Chris Carter made a daring rescue of an elderly woman who was caught in gunfire today as U.S. Army forces battled their way into Hindiyah, Iraq, 50 miles from Baghdad.

Iraqi troops were trying to stop a column of American tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles as they raced for a strategic bridge over the Euphrates, which leads to Baghdad. American soldiers spotted an elderly woman in a black chador lying wounded in the middle of the bridge.

Using his Bradley fighting vehicle for cover, company commander Captain Carter of Watkinsville ran to the middle of the bridge, saw that she needed urgent help and called for an armored ambulance.

He used his M-16 rifle to provide cover while medics put her on a stretcher. Carter then returned to the U.S. side of the bridge.

His father -- Michael Carter -- says it's exactly what would he would expect from his son.

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