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March is Nutrition Month

News release from the Georgia Department of Community Health

ATLANTA March is National Nutrition Month and the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH), is stressing the importance of developing healthy eating habits now to ensure a healthy Georgia in the future.  Nutrition is a key component of good health, along with physical activity.

"As spring approaches, many people struggle with how to shape up and slim down once they are no longer hiding under heavy winter clothes," said Dr. Kimberly Redding, Director of DCH , Division of Public Health Prevention and Wellness Program.  "Reaching a healthy weight or just maintaining your current weight can really be done with some simple steps.  Rather than trying a new extreme diet, make small changes to what you normally eat each day." 

Maintaining or reaching a healthy weight can be accomplished by balancing food intake with physical activity.  Taking in fewer calories may even help to improve energy levels.  The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has a list of some simple ways to cut calories:

  • Downsize Your Dishes: Using smaller plates and bowls will help you to eat less.  People tend to fill up an entire large dish, even if they normally can't eat that much


  • Savor Your Meals: Eating slowly helps you consume only what your body needs to feel satisfied


  • Don't Eat From the Bag: When you eat directly out of the package, you lose track of how much you have consumed.  And you may not stop until the package is empty!  Pour one serving into a small bowl so you can avoid overeating


  • Full Glass:  Watch the size of your glass as well.  Shorter, wider glasses tend to be filled with more fluid, so we end up drinking more.  Except for water, choose a slender glass for beverages


  • Rethink Your Drinks: High-calorie beverages such as soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, specialty coffees and alcohol can help you to pack on the pounds if you are not careful.  When possible, replace your high-calorie beverage with water


  • Lighten Up!  Add non-fat creamer or sugar-free syrup to your coffee; trim the fat from your meat or the skin from your poultry; try reduced-calorie or slow-churned ice cream; dip raw vegetables in salsa or fat free ranch dressing for a healthy snack


Learn more about healthy eating habits, please visit


To receive additional nutrition tips, listen to the March edition of the Georgia Wellcast.  Click on the link here.

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