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People bring high electricity bills to city council

By Daylight Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - People packed Monday night's Doerun city council meeting complaining about their electricity bills.Homeowner Gary Copeland says his bill jumped to nearly $700 in January.

"Our electricity bills are is killing us and something has got to be done," Copeland said.

Donna Thomas' jumped to more than $1,000.

"It's higher than my rent," she said.

Copeland and neighbors have 10 days to pay their bills. They asked city council to extend the payment period for all 800 Doerun residents an extra ten days.

"There's a huge problem," said City Council member Don Stenkbeil. "We just don't have the funds to do that."

People in Doerun are charged for gas, electric, water, and trash pick-up on one bill which Georgia Rural Water Association's Bill Powell says is unusual but he says it's a reason bills are higher than surrounding cities.

Even with the unusual billing city council members say they don't have the money to cover a blanket extension for everyone .It was an answer Doerun residents were not happy about when they left town hall.

They plan to attend next month's city council meeting to come an agreement with council members.

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