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Murder-suicide leaves 3 dead, 3 injured

March 30, 2003

Edison- Neighbors and friends are still in shock. They can't believe the tragic events that took place Friday night. "I knew them because me and her had our house built at the same time down here," says Virginia Haynes.

Neighbors say Robert Kendrick shot his 20 year old stepson Craig Jones in the house and then went across the street looking for his wife Barbara who had ran to a neighbor's house.

"We he came out he looked around I guess he had seen us and he paused for a minute and he came back across the road and we shut the door and run in the house because we were scared because we didn't know whether he was coming here next," adds Haynes.

Witnesses say after Robert shot the oldest child he came across the street and shot Barbara. He then went back home and shot both twins and turned the gun on himself. Kendrick also shot Charlie Murray who was trying to keep him from getting into Annie Timpson's house. She explains what happened next.

"He just came in and went to shooting. He shot four times. He shot the dude who was holding the door, Charlie Murray. Then when Charlie Murray went down he pried his way on in the door and he saw where Barbara was sitting and he shot her. I think he shot four times. Two hit her, one hit Charlie, and one went in the wall," describes Timpson.

Timpson says Barbara was a distant cousin of hers who was a hard worker and never bothered anyone. She says she just can't believe the two five year old twins are gone.

Timpson and the other neighbors say that's the most tragic part of the story. Little Miranda and Randall came into the world together and died together.

Timpson says the funeral for the 5-year old twins Miranda and Randall Kendrick will be on Saturday at Ben Collins Funeral Home in Edison. Barbara and her eldest son Craig are in stable condition at Southeast Medical Center in Dothan. Murray has been treated and released.

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