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Storm room saves Camilla family

March 29, 2003

Camilla- Derrick Harris and his two-year old daughter, Ladonna, still can't believe their home is destroyed. When the storm hit, Derrick, Ladonna, and girlfriend, Dontressia Williams, who is pregnant with twins, ran to their room of hope.

Derrick says, "I just can't believe it. I am so glad we built the storm room. I am just so thankful."

Now, with the help of Red Cross volunteer, Allan Russell, Ladonna, is learning to get over her fears. Russell says, "These kids need someone to talk to and usually they do better by playing with toys or drawing and coloring."

Derrick says despite the damage to his house, he's just glad the people he loves are still in his life.

Derrick Harris says he is still trying to decide whether is going to rebuild his home or move to another location. Currently, his family is living with his mother in Camilla.

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