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Relief agencies are still helping tornado victims

March 28, 2003

Camilla- Members from the Goodson Road Church of Christ work hard unload boxes from a truck and load them into the cars of tornado victims.

Minister Tinson says their church was totally destroyed in 2000 by Valentine's Day tornadoes. He says it only right for the congregation to try and return the help they received even if people don't need it.

"We see people coming in and saying well I don't need this, and I'm glad to see that because some people will take what they don't need. So we use that to help other people," Tinson claims.

Representatives from the Southern Baptist Convention have been in Camilla for over a week cooking about 10,000 meals for the Red Cross to give to others. Members say its something they just had to do.

"It makes me feel good because I'm doing the Lord's work and this is what His job is for us to go out and help others. This is our mission field," exclaims Adele Cox.

Some of those meals went to volunteers who came to help clean up. The Red Cross even set up a special tent where volunteers and workers can get water, snacks and first aid.

"We have the health nurses and the mental health people who are constantly after the rest of us to take care of ourselves first because if we don't we certainly won't be good to help the clients with," admits Linda Bussler.

Though they may not be able to help everyone these volunteers and workers are just glad they can help at least one person in need.

Church of Christ volunteers will be at the Goodson Road Church of Christ again next Saturday from 10 AM until 1 PM giving out clothing, food, and supplies.

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