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UPDATE: Man hit by car and killed in Worth County

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ACREE, GA (WALB) –Troopers have released new information on a hit and run at the Worth Dougherty County line.

Troopers say it looks like the suspect's wife helped him try to cover up his involvement in the accident.

Troopers say Joe and Wendy Adkins were driving in separate cars when Joe Adkins struck and killed Michael Thomas on Highway 82 Tuesday night.

Troopers say they both stopped, then Joe Adkins left while his wife stayed behind and performed CPR on Thomas.

Troopers say this is the second time 33-year old Joe Adkins has left the scene of an accident.

"We have not determined that yet why he decided to leave the scene," said Jeff Hobby, with the Georgia State Patrol.

But most of the time, troopers say people do it to cover up something.

"I don't know if it is because he was drinking or smoking something," said Hobby.

Troopers believe this time when Adkins left the scene he had a little help from his wife.

"Mr Adkins wouldn't be in as near as trouble as he would be right now if he would have stayed, he wouldn't be facing felony charges he would be facing misdemeanor charges," said Hobby.

Troopers say Adkins and his wife Wendy were moving into another house. They were driving separate cars when Adkins hit 56-year old Michael Thomas.

"When Mr. Adkins called 911 and said he hit something on the road he didn't know what it was it could have been a trash can is what he told us," said Hobby.

When dispatchers transferred the call to Worth County 911, troopers say Wendy Adkins was on the phone. They believe Mr. Adkins got in his truck and drove away.

"Mr. Adkins, the driver of the vehicle walked back and looked at the victim, and then got in his car and left," said Hobby.

When EMT's arrived at the scene, Wendy Adkins was performing CPR on the victim and told officers she was driving and saw something on the side of the road and decided to stop but mentioned nothing about her husband.

"Worth county said a woman was on the phone, well that was Miss Adkins when I called the number from Dougherty county 911 back it was Mr Adkins that answered the phone.

Troopers say a deputy went over the Mr. Adkins house, and he confessed to everything. He was arrested and taken to the Worth County Jail.

Troopers say it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to get those alcohol and drug tests back from the GBI crime lab.

Troopers say if they do come back positive Adkins will face additional charges on top of his first degree vehicular homicide charge and leaving the scene of the accident.

Joe Adkins is being held in the Worth county jail without bond.

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