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Brick House Production's business license revoked

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Albany City Commissioners voted unanimously today to close an East Albany recording studio where a man was shot to death two weeks ago.  But the owners say they'll just reopen in another spot.

Commissioners revoked the business license for Brick House Productions citing a string of shootings and violent crimes, plus raids that found illegal liquor sales,guns, and drugs.

Brick House Production Manager Daniel Loving made an impassioned plea to keep his and his wife's business open, but commissioners voted 6 to nothing to revoke their business license. After the hearing, Loving and his recording artists danced and sang that they would not let commissioners stop them.

Shortly after this morning's hearing, about a dozen artists and friends of Brick House Productions owners were dancing and singing outside the recording studio. At one point Manager Daniel Loving threw a handful of money in the air. Despite the order to close, they defiantly said the city could not stop them.

"This is Brick House. We always gonna be here. No matter if they take our building."

Earlier at the City Government Building, City Commissioners and the Mayor listened as six Albany Police and Code Enforcement officers testified about problems at Brick House. February 2008 Code Enforcement found drugs, guns, and liquor for sale there.

Code Enforcement Officer Walter Norman said "On the far side of that room as a bar which was fully stocked with alcoholic beverages, on the floor there was a tub with ice and beer inside of it."

Officer after Officer testified about calls to violent crimes there. Corporal Kirsten Watson was first on the scene February 14th when two men were shot in the parking lot, 20 year old LaSheldon Stanford was killed in a hale of gunfire.

City Attorney Nathan Davis asked"How many bullets holes did you see in the victim? Watson said "I noticed like 7 gunshot wounds to the victim."

A dozen supporters of Brick House, many of them recording artists there, said the business is building their careers.

Erica Ferguson said "I would just like the commission to think about that before you react to the Budweisers."

The building owner testified that a lot of the evidence found at Brick House belonged to the bar he used to run there, but Commissioners still voted to shut them down.

Loving said "there was a man murdered at the Albany Mall not long ago, and I don't recall them shutting it down."

And Loving said he has no plans to stop his business.  Loving said "we will probably seek refuge somewhere else. Change names. We got a lot of careers on the line here. So we're not going anywhere. Brick House will still be here."

Daniel Loving said that he thought today's hearing was unfair, and that Police had been harassing them since they opened their recording studio. He said closing Brick House was not going to stop murders in Albany.

City Attorney Nathan Davis said Code Enforcement will keep a close eye on the facility to make sure that Brick House Productions ceases operations.

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