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Arsenal of guns found in drug bust

March 28, 2003

Albany -- A drug raid uncovers an arsenal of weapons. Major Bill Berry of the Albany Dougherty drug unit said " they were in proximity in the room with controlled substances, illegal substances, and imported substances."

One of the men arrested is the owner of a popular paint ball business. An arsenal of weapons agents found 43 hits of ectasy , Cocaine, and hundreds of steroids when they raided the apartment of Michael pearl man and Joseph Rogers.

But even police were shocked by the number of weapons they found. 20 pistols, rifles, and shotguns were seized in the raid. Along with thousands of rounds of ammunition, extra clips for the assault type weapons. Even smoke grenades for a grenade launcher. Several of the weapons were loaded.

The apartment at Nottingham North was raided around six last night. The 28 year old Pearlman, who runs a popular paint ball business, his roommate 30 year old Joseph Rogers, and 19 year old Eric Thomas were arrested, and charged with dealing the drugs and steroids.

Major Berry said "We have seized those along with the contraband of the drugs and all, and we will determine with the help hopefully of some federal agencies of what the background of these weapons are and if they have been modified and then also look at what changes may come out of that."

Pearlman is in the Dougherty County Jail with no bond. Rogers and Thomas have been released on bond. They are also charged with dealing drugs within one thousand feet of a school, Deerfield Windsor upper school.

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