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Yellow's a hot color

March 28, 2003

Albany- Workers at Doyal Wholesale Company are putting the finishing touches on the few yellow ribbons they have left. Jerry Doyal says the yellow ribbon demand hits close to home.

Jerry Doyal adds, "My son is in the military. I have a yellow ribbon around my tree in honor of him."

Markeita Bullard of Newton, bought thirty-two ribbons to support the troops. Bullard says, "I just want my community to help and support the troops as much as we can."

She says these yellow ribbons will help people whose loved ones are in Iraq, like Debbie Blanton. Blanton says, "I have two sons in the military. One is already in Iraq. The other son is in the reserves in Tallahassee."

Debbie Blanton says the yellow ribbons are more than just ribbons, they're symbols of hope South Georgians are scrambling for to make it through.

Doyal Wholesale company is receiving a new shipment of yellow ribbons at the beginning of the week.

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