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Kids talk about military parents

March 28, 2003

Lee County-- There is a new television show in Southwest Georgia. The stars are children whose parents are serving in the military, both at home and in Iraq.

Meet Hannah and her dad Joel.

"Gunnery Sgt. Helm is going to tell us what he does."

"Thanks Hannah. Hello boys and girls."

Gunnery Sgt. Joel Helm and his daughter Hannah are taping a segment of "KPS Pride." It's a two-minute closed circuit television show that airs each morning at Kinchafoonee Primary School.

"I hope it gives them pride in military, that is what I would like to instill, is pride." Media Specialist Debbie Dorminy runs the show, inviting each student with a parent in the military to tape a segment.

"Continuing with our KPS Pride series you are going to meet another man in the military"

That marine is Major Phil Millerd--and today, his children, Sebastian and Anastasia, are telling their school mates all about their dad. Sebastian says, "His job is to coordinate the movement of equipment for the Marines to use."

Major Millerd was called to active duty in January--and his children say there is one thing they miss most, "How he use to give me piggy back rides before I went to bed."

While Sebastian and Anastasia's dad is not at home, Hannah's dad is--and she is very happy about that. Hannah tells the school, "I am Hannah Helm and this is my dad", then gives him a big hug.

Kinchafoonee Primary School has a ten minute newscast in the morning. "KPS Pride" airs for two minutes during the news.

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