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Green energy versus coal-fired power plants

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –The Green energy versus coal-fired power plants debate hit the Valdosta Technical College campus Thursday.

The president of a company that wants to build coal plants in South Georgia spoke at Valdosta Technical College. He says the plants will be good for our economy, but protesters say the bad far outweighs any good.

This group of concerned citizens, most from VSU's Students Against Violating the Environment organization were chanting "coal is over" and holding up signs protesting one of the speakers at Valdosta Technical College's Gathering of Eagles seminar.

The protest didn't last long before the group was escorted out.

"I just wanted to come down here and make my voice heard," said said Tift County resident Ellen Corrie.

Corrie says Dean Alford the President and CEO of Allied Energy Services is proposing building a power plant in Ben Hill county which is just to the east of Northern Tift County where she lives.

"When you don't have the facts on your side you have to do those gimmicks to get attention," said Alford.

"It kills people and I don't want that in my backyard," said Corrie.

She says the pollution generated by the plant would have a direct impact on her and her family and friends.

"They're very sincere but they're very sincerely wrong because they're ignoring the facts," said Alford.

Alford says thousands of jobs could be created from coal plants in Washington and Ben Hill counties however citizens say coal plants divert jobs and that more jobs could be created in different ways.

"The projects we're proposing now in Washington County, they're 1,600 construction jobs another 120 jobs within the Washington county area, 130 jobs at the site, and another 200 jobs across the state," said Alford.

"I know that the numbers show that clean green energy, clean energy, energy efficiency jobs create three or four times more jobs than coal," said Corrie.

Alford says he's doing the right thing because he's creating energy and jobs for the future.

Members of S.A.V.E. say they've done their research and have the facts on their side.

Alford says he listens to those who oppose him but claims their suggestions just aren't good ones.

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