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Moody crash hits close to home for students

March 28, 2003

Lake Park-- Third graders at Lake Park Elementary recently received a special package from 1st Lt. Tamara Archuleta.  They say that with her death, they lost a heorine and a friend.

Lake Park Elementary teacher Stacy Scarborough reads the letter she and her class received from Archuleta.

While deployed in Afghanistan, Archuleta took time to write a personalized letter to Mrs. Scarborough and to each student in her third grade class.

"It made me feel proud because I've never known a real soldier," said Landon Luke. "Now I can say I got a letter from one who was really fighting for our country."

"Mine said that she hated to leave her family, but she was glad to fight for our freedom," said Stacey Peek.

Along with their letters, Archuleta sent the class a special momento. The flag that now hangs in their classroom was flown over Afghanistan in their honor. "That really meant the most to them," said Scarborough. "They realize that even though we were all here in Lake Park, this flag was flying across the ocean in recognition of us."

The students heard the news of the crash when they arrived at school Monday morning. "I was sad because she was a very nice and brave person," said Peek. "I felt bad, but I know she died doing the bravest thing an American could do," said Luke.

And while the class is saddened by Archuleta's tragic death, they feel special and proud to have been recognized by a true American hero.

After Spring Break, the flag Archuleta sent the class will be permanently flown outside on the school's flagpole.

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