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Gardeners are waiting for Spring

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By Jay Polk - bio | email

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) – The clouds and showers and cold came again today to South Georgia.  For veteran gardeners, this is history making stuff.

"This is definitely the coldest winter that I can remember," said Richard Spencer of Destinations in Gardening.

The cold weather affected many different varieties of plants, especially the citrus trees. But there's hope for those plants that suffered damage.

Spencer said, "if you have dead or dying areas, you can cut them out, cut out the bad branches, things like that."

Meanwhile the heavy rainfall has kept the walk in business down a bit, but the phone lines hopping.

"I've had a lot of people call because of water drainage problems," said Spencer.

While the weather hasn't been so friendly this year, the experts say that despite the cold and rain this is actually a good time for planting.

"This is the optimum time to plant plant material," said Spencer.

Spring is coming.  When it does get nice, expect to see plenty of people breaking out their green thumbs.

"Typically people plant in the Spring because that's a great time to be outside," said Spencer.

And in lean economic times, it's no surprise that many of the recent customers here are looking to save money on their grocery bills. 

Spencer said, "we've had interest in vegetable gardening this year and fruit trees.">

But for many, gardening is about more than just getting their hands dirty or saving a few dollars, it's a labor of love.

"It's very self satisfying," said Spencer.

So no matter whether it's cloudy or sunny, the gardeners in our area will be drinking up the opportunity to get outside.

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