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DCSS Board to release names of Superintendent finalists

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The Dougherty County School board agreed Wednesday to release more information about its superintendent search, in exchange for an open records lawsuit being dropped.

Board members agreed to release names for three of the six candidates they interviewed for the Superintendent's job. The board was sued by WALB-TV and two other media outlets earlier this month over Open Records violations. Wednesday, the board voted six to one to settle the suit.

Dougherty County School Board Members spent the first hour of an executive session talking to their attorney Willie Weaver. They spent another hour conferring with our attorney before announcing the agreement.

"Essentially the board has agreed with us to do what we were really asking for in the first place," said Attorney Bill Calhoun, media attorney.

"I think the agreement that we've reached makes sense for both parties and the school system and the community," said David Maschke, DCSS Board Chairman.

The names of three of the six candidates interviewed will be released, but special attorney Willie Weaver hired to represent the board still claims Murfree was the only finalist.

"There are not three finalists there never have been and there probably won't be in this particular case," said Attorney Willie Weaver, DCSS Attorney.

Two Board members confirmed to WALB, there were three finalists. The media have already confirmed two names beside Joshua Murfree without the board releasing names. They include former Little Rock, Arkansas School Superintendent Roy Brooks and Dr. Vayla Lee an Assistant Superintendent for student services for the Clayton County School System.

"After they release the information they will wait 14 days before they make a final selection of the superintendent," said Calhoun.

The board says their selection of Joshua Murfree stands.

"The board's legal position is and will remain the board did not do anything improper, they never named finalists so they were never required to give that information," said Weaver.

Once the information is released the board has agreed to wait the 14 day period before appointing the candidate to the job.

The agreement is expected to be signed within the next day. Then the information on the candidates should be made available in the day or two after that.

Under the agreement, board members have agreed to release all information and documentation that came into their possession regarding the applicants.

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