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Nation wide antique dealers in Thomasville for show

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) – Antique dealers from all over the United States are in Thomasville.

They're setting up for the 21st annual Thomasville Antiques Show.

The two day event kicks off Friday and will feature rare items and appraisals similar to what you see on the popular Antique Road Show. And best of all, the event supports a great cause.

Some call it the best antique show in the area.

"This is the best, it has a reputation actually of being the best small antiques show in the South," says Thomasville Antique Show Co-Chair Cathy Fulsom. "Actually, dealers beg us to come and be in the show."

And the lucky dealers who do land a spot in the Thomasville Antique show usually come back year after year.

"This show, the quality is amazing," gushes Veronica Malchione. "There's great diversity, great art, everything."

Malchione and her husband traveled all the way from Pennsylvania.

"We pack it up, it's trucks and trailers. We fortunately have good help here. Believe it or not, breakage is very very rare, thank God for us."

Many of the items featured in the show are of museum quality, like this early ship navigation bennicle.

There will even be a seasoned appraiser on hand.

"For a small fee of $10 for three items, if you find something in your house and you've always wondered what it was and it came down through generations, you bring it in and he'll tell you what it's worth," explained Fulsom. "Some friends of mine bought a painting in London at an auction for $200 and they brought it here to have it appraised and it was worth $12,000."

Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships will benefit children's non-profit organizations in Thomas County.

"We're very fortunate to have a very generous public that loves the show and supports us."

Another benefit of the show?

"It may be the upper end of the scale for doing it, but this IS going green. What better way to do it than a piece of furniture that was in someone's house for one hundred years?"

Although tickets to the show are only $15, you may still want to bring your checkbook. Because a picture may be worth a thousand words, but this one also happens to be worth $86,000.

There are some less expensive items at the show for those on a tighter budget.

To buy tickets or book an appraisal appointment at the Thomasville Antique Show, call (229) 225-9354 or visit the show's website at


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