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Businessman charged with drug, weapons charges

March 27, 2003

Albany - Albany-Dougherty Drug Agents arrested and charged popular Albany businessman Michael Pearlman, 28, with several serious drug and weapons charges. 

ADDU and GBI agents seized a large amount of ecstasy and steriods as well as weapons and a Chevrolet Tahoe.

Major Bill Berry said, "We have seized a fairly good quantity of ecstasy, lots of steriods, some weapons and some powdery substances - what appears to be coccaine - we're not sure, and we are still searching."

Pearlman is charged with possession of cocaine as well as possession of steroids and ecstasy with intent to distribute. He also had handguns: handguns, rifles and military type weapons.

30-year old Joseph Rogers was also arrested and charged with cocaine possession.

Both men were arrested at Nottingham North Apartments.

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