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Dogs looking for families after tornado

March 27, 2003

Camilla - It's been a week since South Georgia was hit by deadly tornadoes. The twister not only stirred up people's belongings, it also made a lot of animals homeless. Now, shelters and humane societies have dogs who need their families back.

The dogs know where they are, but their families are lost. Animal Control Officer, Ramsey Presley, says, "We've had a lot of them reclaimed several owners already came and got them."

Some dogs are still waiting. One at the shelter escaped the tornado with one broken leg. Presley says, "We had two to three injured."

Only hours after the deadly tornado touched down in Mitchell County, among all the commotion, four-legged friends seen searching for their family. Some seeking shelter under debris. Dog catchers snatching up strays and rescue teams hauling the hurt ones off in blankets. Mitchell County Animal Shelter has at least 30 dogs from the storm. Presley explains, "We haven't picked up any cats or other kinds of animals."

The shelter was also hit by strong winds and the outdoor pens were damaged. Presley says, "All the dogs were inside, none of them in pens that were blown away."

It's a good thing the shelter is still standing because they ended up with a lot more dogs that needed a place call home.

The Mitchell County Animal Shelter will put the dogs up for adoption after 30 days. If you are looking for your dog call the animal shelter or surrounding humane societies.

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