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Americus rape suspect sought

March 27, 2003

Albany -- Americus Police are asking your help to find the man who kidnapped a woman from the Americus Wal-Mart parking lot and raped her. Police fear this violent criminal will strike again.

Americus Police are asking your help to find this man, suspected of kidnapping and raping a woman early Saturday morning.

The suspect can be seen on store surveillance tape, between 11:00 PM and midnight, stalking several women in and out of the store. Several times he followed women in and out of the store. At one point he steals a hat and puts it on.

Investigator Tashia Hart said "Just about every female that came into the store while he was there, he eventually went behind them and stalked them while in the store. As the female exited the store, he also exited the store. Some females he approached outside the store."

A little after midnight a 21-year- old Wal-Mart employee leaves the store with a grocery cart. While she is unloading packages in her car, just in the third parking space from the store, a man can be seen slipping around the truck behind her. The victim puts her cart up, returns to her car, when the man runs around and jumps in the passenger door. He held a large knife to the woman's throat, and forced her to drive away. The woman managed to get away from the rapist and ran to a nearby home.

Sheriff's deputies chased the rapist, who was driving the victim's car. Investigator Hart said "He got into a chase with the subject from the sheriff's department. He wrecked on R. W. Jones Road, and ran into the wood lines."

Americus Police are traveling to several counties to put up flyers with the suspect's picture. The man is Hispanic, in his late teen's, early 20's, 5'-2" tall, about 110 to 130 pounds.

They are afraid he could strike again. Hart said "The way he was acting on the videotape, stalking all the other females, yes, he will try it somewhere else."

A reward is offered for information leading to the arrest of this suspect. If you have any information, call the Americus Police Department.

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