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Albany man indicted for murder

March 27, 2003

Albany- Greg Rakestrau will stand trial for murdering an Albany High Student. Adrian Jenkins, 18, was stabbed to death at a party at Radium Springs Country Club. Investigators say Rakestrau stabbed him over a girl.

Investigators think Albany High Senior Adrian Jenkins was dancing with Greg Rakestrau's girlfriend at the party at the Radium Country Club December 22nd.

They say Rakestrau stabbed Jenkins several times. He bled to death in the parking lot.

"He had a bright future, just like his family," said Dougherty D.A. Ken Hodges. "He was doing great things, getting ready to go to college. Like I said, it was just senseless that this murder occurred. "

Hodges says the case does not meet the criteria to seek the death penalty. Rakestrau's trial is expected to be held in July.

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