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Multiple gun purchases sends red flag

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   More people in Dougherty County are buying multiple guns. The Sheriff's Office wants to warn you they're checking out those purchases. If you're buying handguns to resell, you could be committing a federal crime.

The sale of guns in South Georgia continues strong, but Investigators say they are keeping a close eye on people buying two or more guns at one time. 

"It's on the rise," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain Craig Dodd. "Multiple handgun purchases by a single person."

If you buy more than two handguns in a week, a form is sent to Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, and your Sheriff's Office.  

"A person who goes in and gets two handguns over a five consecutive day period, within that five consecutive days that triggers the multiple form," said Michael Tranthem of Backwoods Outdoors.

Law enforcement suspects people are buying guns in Georgia, and selling them in other states to people who can't buy one. 

"People who are purchasing those for the purpose of going to another state where there are very stringent handguns laws, they take them to sell them in these other states. That's one of the problems we are seeing and that's why we have to investigate these,"  Dodd said.

Gun dealers say customers everyday say law enforcement is too involved in their gun purchases.  "They feel like they should have the right to buy a gun, and they should. It might be overkill," said Backwoods Outdoors owner Jackie Sizemore.

Sheriff's Investigators agree law abiding citizens have every right to buy and own guns, but if they are selling them to people who should not have them, that is breaking a federal law. 

 "If you buy three handguns and then they end up all in the hands of gang members, then we are going to come talking to you." Dodd said.

 Sheriff's Investigators say they have to check multiple handgun purchases, and warn people not to get involved in gun trafficking. Gun dealers say they have also seen an increase in multiple handgun purchases.

They tell us they believe many people are using their tax refunds to buy guns for themselves.


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