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Albany prepares for possible terrorist attack

March 26, 2003

Albany- As war continues in the Middle East, South Georgians prepare for the worst. City public safety workers are trying to help the public understand what will happen in case of a chemical attack. The county coroners office held a public forum to address this issue on Wednesday.

While the turnout was low at the forum, Home Depot workers say South Georgians are turning out in droves to buy certain items just in case, especially water. Assistant Manager, George Galligan says, "We've brought in a lot water. First, we brought in twelve palates. Now, they have decreased to eight or nine." He also says the following items are necessary for homeowners to buy, "Bottled water, generators or flash lights, and plastic or tape for your windows."

Representatives from the Police department, Fire department and American Red Cross also participated in the Domestic Terrorism Forum.

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