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A warning from WG&L

March 26, 2003

Albany - A warning tonight about a company traveling door to door asking to test your drinking water. United Distributor, based in Jacksonville, sells water purifiers.

Water, Gas, and Light spokesperson Lorie Farkas say the company leaves an empty bottle and a blue information packet on your doorstep. They claim they will test your water free. They, they try to sell water filters that purify the water. This is not illegal, but Farkas wants customers to know that this has nothing to do with WG&L.

"In some case they prey on the elderly," said Farkas. "Their verbiage is confusing and we don't want anyone to think we don't check the purity of our water."

In fact, WG&L continuously checks the purity of the water, and Farkas says test show the water is 99.9% clean.

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