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Drink up the Sun, not the Alcohol

March 26, 2003

Albany - Roads leading to beaches across the nation will be packed with spring breakers this month. Thousands of college students flock to vacation spots looking for fun every spring. But, fun mixed with alcohol can be deadly.

Darton College students Andrea Brown and Erica Cook just finished a driving course, wearing beer goggles that simulate driving impaired by alcohol. "I ran into the cones and a chair," said Cook. "I can't believe how hard it is to drive drunk."

And, she wasn't the only one failing this test. "You can't focus your sight or your mind," said Brown. "It's impossible." The driving test is just one tool Darton College is using to stress the importance of drinking responsibly this spring break.

Just a few feet away from the driving course sits two totaled cars, wrecked by drunk drivers. With their twisted metal and broken windows, they are another sobering reminder of the dangers of drinking. "Seeing these cars is a sobering experience," said student Catherine Amos. "They show that you can really get hurt and even die in a drunk driving accident.

Students also watched graphic videos of drunk driving accidents and pledged to drink responsibly while soaking up the sun. Between 240,000 and 360,000 of the nation's 12-million undergraduates will die from alcohol related causes. An average college student spends about $450 a year on alcohol.

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