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Teen credits God, scanner for survival

^ Luther Hardy ^ Luther Hardy

March 26, 2003

Mitchell County-- A seventh grader is calling it a miracle. His family got out of their trailer moments before it was sucked up by Thursday's tornado. Everything is gone now and they have to start from scratch. But this young boy is counting on his friends.

"This was my room and right about here was where our kitchen was," says Tornado Survivor Luther Hardy.

Luther still hasn't found the trailer he lived in on Powell Road in Mitchell County. "It's gone, nothing left of it."

The F-3 twister took six lives, and demolished and destroyed hundreds of homes. "It was scary, very scary," he said. "If we had been here, we would have been dead."

A warning on a police scanner sparked Hardy and his mom, Daphne, to get out quick. "It was a police scanner my mom bought two or three weeks ago. I believe it was a message from God that she bought it."

Now, Hardy's school is pitching in. "'Cause they probably don't have food and we're giving them food and stuff," said Matthew Hilliard, himself a former tornado survivor.

Westwood Elementary students are collecting food and supplies for all tornado victims.

The High School students are adopting rooms for Hardy's next home. "They've given me clothes and money and all around made me feel better about what happened," Luther said.

The twister tore down Hardy's home, but with help of friends, his life will be re-built. "I'd like to thank them for that," Luther says. "Thank you, Westwood."

Luther Hardy says they are still looking for their two dogs that were in the living room when the tornado struck. The Hardy family is moving into another home near Newton.

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